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Officially connected

KATWARN reports official warnings from competent authorities, institutions and control centers. Since the responsibility for warnings in Germany is distributed among different institutions depending on the danger situation, the use of KATWARN may vary regionally. In addition, KATWARN is linked to other systems, for example the German Weather Service (Deutscher Wetterdienst DWD) and the modular warning system of the Federal Government (MoWaS/ NINA-App). A number of other warning and information systems are also based on KATWARN.

Public Alerts

Safety information for people in dangerous situations


KATWARN disseminates local, state and federal hazard alerts via smartphone app and SMS service. The senders are, among others, fire department control centers, the police, the German Weather Service (DWD), flood and earthquake control centers as well as linked external warning systems.


hessenWARN was developed from KATWARN with specific functions for the state of Hesse. In addition to the KATWARN messages, the app offers additional information, e.g. on product recalls, missing person searches or current fraud cases, as well as an emergency call with location information.

KATWARN international

The KATWARN roaming technology enables international use: The messages are displayed across borders on national apps.

Non-public crisis communication

Internal safety information for authorized groups of people in dangerous situations


The European Commission uses EUWARN to warn its staff within Commission premises.

KATWARN corporate

KATWARN corporate offers companies the possibility to send internal security messages to employees and guests via the KATWARN app.